Vimto Tart

4 portions
Creation Time - 55m


For Crust:

• 1½ cups biscuits
• 80 g unsalted butter

For Vimto Cream:

• 6 tbsp thickened cream
• 250 g mascarpone cheese
• 1 tsp vanilla
• 3 tbsp Vimto Cordial

For Garnish:

• 2 cups fresh mixed berries


For Crust:

• Crush the biscuit and mix with melted butter until well combined
• Divide the biscuit mix into 4 tart tins and press down evenly including the sides, to make an even crust
• Refrigerate for an hour until the crust holds together

For Vimto Filling:

• Whip the cream until it thickens then add the mascarpone cheese, vanilla, and Vimto Cordial
• Pour Vimto mix on the crust and spread evenly, then cool in the fridge
• Top with Mixed berries and serve cold

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